Hello, With 25+ Years Of Experience

As pet parents ourselves, we want to help every pet parent and their pet meet all their needs through our innovative products and services. Our hope is that we can play a meaningful role in bringing pets and their humans closer to each other for years and years to come, and through that build a kinder world.

From starting out in a small room, to having our big retail break in 2008 as a tiny kiosk at the Select City Mall in India, we’ve carved a new path for ourselves.

Our journey has been eventful, filled with lessons and more love than we had hoped for.

Our Vision

In addition to running a full time for profit retail, manufacturing and design outlet, we also run our very own Foundation.

Our Mission

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About Us
We Are Proud To Provide The Best Service For Customers

It is an incredibly common and sweeping statement made by companies to say that they provide “great customer service”. In many cases this is something that is subjective and intangible and therefore provides a real challenge to a potential customer in actually knowing the truth. At Warners we honestly believe it is the quality of our customer service that ensures the longevity of customer relationships and helps win us work.

Our History

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Prabhu Arujothi / Founder
About Us
Frequently Asked Questions
What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We are work with third-party companies such as Delhivery, Ecom Express and Xpressbees

Yes! We understand that every pet has their own individual needs and a one-size-fits-all philosophy does not work with them. This is why we love customising and personalising pet products. We can have beds, bowls, collars, toys and almost anything else specially designed to suit your pet. If your pet has any special needs, do get in touch with us and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

In transit times will vary depending on location and the carrier method selected. You can expect delivery between 3-10 working days. First Class Mail International usually takes much longer and in some instances over 30+ days. These shipments will not have full tracking information. We are NOT responsible for lost packages or delays.

Yes! The Heads Up for Tails Pet Spa offers baths, haircuts, trims and breed-specific grooming for all cats and dogs. We also have a range of special pet massages that you can choose from. You can find your nearest petstorenow spa on our website.

All our stores except those located within pet spa's are pet-friendly. Do remember to keep your pets on a leash in case other furries are visiting at the same time or there are streeties resting around the stores. Cats and birds tend to get nervous in new spaces, so if you are bringing them along, please keep them securely in pet-safe carriers. You can find your nearest petstorenow store on our website.

About Us
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